About us


So, what AKOP.co is all about?

My name is Aleksandr, and I’m not a Web Designer by profession.

I’m a Web Developer, who always built lots of comercial proposals and project presentations. So, I’ve been creating proposals and presentations forever – more like on a weekly basis actually 😅.

Not being a designer myself, made me search the web every time for presentation templates (mostly PowerPoint, since I feel comfortable with this software). And I know how hard it is to find free and good looking presentation templates on the web. All the professional looking templates are paid, and the free ones… well, meh (aside from one here and there)!

So I kinda learned how to create good looking templates for myself and hopefully you can find them useful too! It’s all free, for personal and comercial use. Just download them and you are good to go.

Have questions? Contact me on Twitter: @akoptemplates